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White sony VGP-BPS9/S Battery, VGP-BPS9/S Replacement Battery

[6Cell/9Cell/12Cell,11.1V] Brand new sony VGP-BPS9/S battery rechargeable

Sony VGP-BPS9/S laptop battery is a high quality rechargeable replacement battery which can 100% compatible with the OEM VGP-BPS9/S battery which can works with a lot of sony notebook laptop computer. sony VGP-BPS9/S laptop batteries are warranted for a full year to ensure your complete satisfaction.
4400mAh - $90.91
5200mAh - $92.91
6600mAh - $100.92
7800mAh - $103.92
8800mAh - $110.93
10400mAh - $114.93
Low Prices, Guarantee

Replace Brand: sony (Not OEM)
Category: Laptop Battery
Chemistry: Li-ion    Volt: 11.1V    Capacity: 6Cell/9Cell/12Cell

This Battery Will Meet or exceed original specifications
VGP-BPS9/S Battery Full 1 year warranty
Why buy sony VGP-BPS9/S Battery here?

Sony VGP-BPS9/S Battery Detail:

Li-ion 11.1V 5200mAh & 7800mAh Dark Grey sony VGP-BPS9/S battery .
This sony VGP-BPS9/S laptop battery has passed strict quality assurance procedures to achieve international standards such as CE, UL Listed.Brand new, never refurbished, 100% compatible, No memory effect.

This battery replace OEM code : Sony VGP-BPS9, VGP-BPS9/B, VGP-BPS9/S, VGP-BPS9A, VGP-BPS9A/B , VGP-BPL9

This battery fit models : Sony AR41E, AR41L, AR41M, AR41S, AR47G, AR49G, AR520E, AR550E, AR550U, SZ51B/B, SZ52B/B, SZ53B/B, SZ5MN/B, SZ5VN/X, SZ5VWN/X, SZ5XN/C, SZ5XWN/C, etc.

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